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Kara, Wakefield MA - To say that this transformation was a huge undertaking is the understatement of the year. I could never wrap my mind around the possibilities. A quick consultation with Kim from "A Little Help" and I suddenly had hope for our disaster of a playroom. She literally can do anything! When we couldn't find a storage chest to fit our space....she made one!! Her answer to hard could it be? She was even able to incorporate our family #43 and our love for the Montreal Canadians (which I'm sure was not easy for a Boston

Her ability to see "what could be" beneath all the clutter is truly a gift!

Thank you Kim for all that you have done. You have truly changed our home and we are grateful!  

Bonnie, Wakefield, MA -      We hired Kim, A Little Help, to stage our home for sale. After she completely walked thru my house, she took out her note pad and got to to work. She created a plan for almost every room of the house, we agreed on the tasks and got down to work. Kim arrived each day with her materials, a plan and set her talent in motion.

     She painted, took things from one room and used them differently in another, shopped, and even brought things from her own home to turn my plain house into a home of warmth and charm. She made beds with flair and instinctively knew how to create exactly the right look in a room to make a buyer feel like it was their home. “All” of her suggestions were exactly right.

     Kim took a very difficult basement room in my house, run down with problem areas and no style what so ever and with her talent and creativity, moved things around, removed some, brought in things from other rooms, and added greens from her own yard creating a room that the buyer wrote about saying “ and we loved the cozy family room in the basement.”. When the realtor’s photographer asked if there were any areas in the basement that should not be photographed, I pointed out a large pipe over the fireplace in the family room. The photographer was shocked as she had been through the entire basement measuring and never noticed it. The word “WOW” was used by realtors at an open house. All due to Kim’s intuition and creativity.

     A friend, who has bought and sold many properties, told me that selling your home was “all about what your house looks like”. I learned that selling a home takes a team. It starts with the homeowner, involves a smart, motivated realtor with a good marketing plan and the creativity from A Little Help, Kim Albushies. One was as important as the other. My home was under agreement in a week.




Heather, Wakefield  MA - Looking at the before and after pictures, I am completely blown away!  In the past, we would just shut the playroom pocket doors and block out the mess on the other side.  It's just a playroom, it's supposed to be messy right?  Kim from A Little Help showed me that this room could be so much more!  Now it is definitely one of my favorite rooms in the house.  The kids each have their individual space and Mom and Dad can enjoy a cup of coffee at the birstro table by the French doors.  Now everything has its place so clean up is a breeze.  I think my favorite part is the custom table, that Kim made!  We definitely wanted a place where the kids could be able to do their art work, but didn't want to take away from the openness of the room.  Now the kids can color or enjoy a snack while gazing out the window and still have the space to lie on the rug and read a book.  Kim was such a pleasure to work with - so responsive and enthusiastic- it was invigorating!  Needless to say, I have already booked her for my next house project.  Thank you Kim for our beautiful room!


Karen, NH - I can't say enough about my bathroom make over.  Kim does wonderful decorating and renovations to a room. I had my bathroom done and as you can see, it is beautiful! I just love all the attention to detail, all the little touches that make it so homey. She has such talent and energy to take on the most challenging jobs! Thank you for redoing my beautiful , calming adult bathroom.

Merri, Stoneham  MA - Still love the amazing new porch makeover you did for us this summer!! We enjoyed it all summer and fall and the red bench moved inside and we're using it at our kitchen table. Can't wait to see what ideas you have for the next "project area" in my house!

Jen, Stoneham, MA - Kim is amazing! She can walk into a room, move a few things around, grab something from another room to add the perfect touch and suddenly you feel like you are on HGTV. She has an eye for cozy comfort and can make any room a room that you are proud to call your own – a room that becomes an oasis and gathering place. Nothing is too daunting for Kim (check out our crazy messy room before pics). She organizes clutter with speed and ease. She recommends storage solutions and makes keeping neater easier. And that’s not all, Kim can work on landscaping ideas as well. She took two big patches of dirt in our front yard and turned them into beautiful flower beds. In addition, she found some old dirty window boxes I had stuffed under my back deck – added a bright red coat of paint to them and planted flowers that bloomed all summer into the fall. The window boxes tie in beautifully with the front door of our house and the flower beds. We now have curb appeal! Thanks “A Little Help”, for A LOT of Help!

Serena, NH- Beautiful work! As is typical, we dragged out all our Christmas decorations and put them in random places around the house this year. We have some nice things, but there never seems to be a satisfying spot to put any of them. This year I thought that maybe Kim from A Little Help could help. I called her, told her I needed help, and she agreed she could do something. Next I sent her pictures of our home and our random decorations, and scheduled a time for her to come. She sent questions -- about what styles we liked and if there were any particular items we needed. On the day she was coming, I left out everything we had for decorations for her and went out for the day. We had never had anyone decorate or organize, and before Kim came, I had thought that I probably should just do it myself, as usual. Afterwards, though, I realized that I really HAD needed a lot of help (not just a little). Even the people in our family who had claimed indifference to Christmas decorations were impressed and announced that we should have people over for a party now. Kim worked fast and did an absolutely beautiful job! We were amazed! She made our home feel warm and welcoming and put together so we could enjoy actually living here. No more worry about getting Christmas put together. Thanks Kim!



Mary, Wakefield  MA - She's done it again!! Kim Weisenbach Albushies of "A Little Help" fame, has transformed another one of my rooms; the breezeway/mudroom. Do you know how long I have been saying "I need hooks for bags and backpacks, and better storage?" A long time! All I had to do was mention it in front of Kim and and running. I am embarrassed  by the "before" pics but I am biting the bullet and sharing because it feels so good to have the first area you walk into look so cute and organized. Thank you Kim!!!

Lisa, Melrose MA - For years home makeover shows were my favorite to watch. Watching someone that had that special the "eye" and talent to create transformations was always exciting. And it always made me so happy to see the look on happy homeowners' faces! Well, I hired A Little Help to paint spring green accent walls in my apartment to brighten it up a little bit, followed by creative placement of furniture, then to the purchasing (on approval) and arranging of charming accent pieces. The end result - a functional apartment transformed into an efficient, warm and inviting home. Friends and neighbors who have stopped in have a hard time believing that it's the same place! Thank you Kim for putting your time and talent into making my apartment one that I love to spend time in.

Cheryl, Newton  MA -  Kim did a great job getting rid of clutter in my basement and then arranged everything so that we can find what we need. Now we have space we didn't know we had, and I'm ready to have her come back and tackle my den. I could never have done this by myself! Call Kim Weisenbach Albushies for all your organization needs!

Chandra, Wakefield MA- Talented room makeover artist Kim Weisenbach Albushies of "A Little Help", helped us create a beautiful sanctuary in our living room. Check out the before and afters. And honestly the before-before, had an OLD couch back from the post graduation days, and too much evidence of the early childhood years, crayons, books and Legos in every crevice.
High time for a makeover! So glad for our grown up, beautiful space. Our girls love it, and so does my husband. We even had our movie night. Thank you "A Little Help"!!

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